Real 24k Gold Plated Belt Tips

We here at PMB are proud to offer a range of TV Accurate solid 24k Gold Plated and Silver Plated Real One Piece Belt Tips!

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What is the difference between a Replica Tip that comes on the belts as standard and these Real TV Accurate Tips?

The replica tips are two piece casted aluminium plates which screw together usually via three screws on the rear as shown below. These have the standard faux gold plating as is standard.

The Real Tips on the other hand are Solid Steel which is CNC machined with designs laser etched into both sides. This solid one piece style is the exact same as all the real belts on TV and throughout history have used.

The Real Belt Tips are machine polished to a mirror shine and the rear features our logo laser etched to certify its authenticity.

Fit almost any belt!

These tips are made to fit almost any belt. They are 4 inches/10.4mm wide so will fit any standard Adult sized belt that doesn’t have an oversized strap (Penny Tag Team belts for example). Rather than being attached via screws and having those left exposed the real tips must be adhered to the straps just like the belts on TV. Some minor cutting of the strap may be required for the tip to fit. A cutting template is provided with the tip. 

We stock Real 24k Gold Plated Tips in two different styles for the mens belts at present. We will have Real 24k Gold Tips for the WWE and NXT Womens belts available to order by Xmas 2019. 

The first of these styles the traditional shaped belt tip shown below. This design of tip was used on TV on such belts as the Winged Eagle, Intercontinental, Classic Tag, Hogan 86, WCW 93 and in more recent years the Spinner (silver tip), United States, Universal and the Current Heavyweight.

The second style of Real 24k Gold Plated Tips we stock are the modern NXT style. This shape of tip is used on belts such as NXT Heavyweight, NXT Tag Team, WWE UK and WWE Crusierwight (silver tip). 

These along side the Real Belt Bars we feel are the real high end finishing touches that really take a replica belt as close to the belts held on TV as is possible!

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