Real 24k Gold Plated Side Bars

We here at PMB are the only independent seller of solid 24k Gold Plated side bars just like the Real WWE Belts use!

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What is the difference between a Replica Side Bars that comes on the belts as standard and these Real TV Accurate 24k Gold Plated Side Bars?

Our real bars measure 12mm high, which is three times the 4mm height of the bars that come on replica belts as standard.

These bars are made to fit the Adult Sized WWE Heavyweight 2013-2014, WWE Heavyweight 2014-Present, WWE Universal and WWE United Kingdom Replica Belts. 

Our real bars also weigh over four times that of the replica at 174g compared to 42g.

The bars are solid steel; plated in 24k Gold.

The bars are machine polished to a mirror shine and the underside of each bar features our web address laser etched to certify its authenticity screws to attach to your belt are included. 

These along side the Real Belt Tips we feel are the real high end finishing touches that really take a replica belt as close to the belts held on TV as is possible!

Click HERE to order a set of 24k Gold Plated Side Bars now!