Real Crystal Replacements

We here at PMB are excited to offer full replica belt Restoning Services!

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Replica Belt Real Crystal Replacements

Restoning a replica belt is the process of replacing the plastic simulated crystals on a replica belt with real Cubic Zirconia stones just like the real belts on TV have! The real stones sparkle far more than the plastic stones giving the belts a real TV accurate appearance!

To replace the stones on your replica belt your plates will need to be sent to me. Please use the contact form to arrange this.

Below is our base price list for restoning replica belts. These prices are for stone replacements using Cubic Zirconia stones. If you require Swarovski crystals or other please mention this when contacting us.

Network Logo Heavyweight300300375
Scratch Logo Heavyweight320350390
United Kingdom140160180
WWE Cruiserweight607080
Raw/SmackDown Womens250275300
WWE Spinner450500550
Rated R Spinner420460510
US Spinner300330375
Million Dollar300330375
Big Gold World Heavyweight303540
Attitude Heavyweight Big Eagle303540
TNA Heavyweight Wildcat607080

What is the difference between the simulated plastic replica stones that comes on the belts as standard and real crystals?

The simulated plastic stones that come on replica belts as standard are just that, simulated. They serve a decent purpose from a distance, but when considering the very crystal heavy belts like the Spinners, Million Dollar, Universal and current Heavyweight. Then the simulated plastic stones really don’t do these belts justice. 

The way real Swarovski crystals or Cubic Zirconias sparkle is something the plastic stones cannot replicate unfortunately. A video will be attached below shortly demonstrating the difference between the simulated and real stones. 

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