Sunday, December 10, 2023

READY TO SHIP: VERY DAMAGED 2001 Attitude Big Eagle Replica Belt Releathered


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This is an original 2001 WWF Big Eagle adult sized replica belt. The leather strap on this belt is brand new completed in July 2023 and the plastic stones have been replaced with real Cubic Zirconia stones just like the belt used on TV.

The simulated leather strap on this belt has been removed and replaced with a brand new fully hand tooled real leather strap done to match the belt used on TV. This has all the screws on the rear of the belt covered with smooth black leather backing.

Unfortunately as shown in detail in the photos the plates on this belt are in VERY BAD CONDITION. This belt was originally traded into us and the previous owner was told it had been used as a title in an independent company. If you are looking to purchase this belt please be aware of the condition, we have gone to great effort to try show the damage in the photos. This damage include deep scratches and in some areas the scratches has even worn away the gold colouring. This damage is reflected in the sale price.

This belt is ready to ship