READY TO SHIP: WWE Blue Universal TV Accurate Upgraded Replica Belt Releathered & Restoned


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This is a READY TO SHIP adult sized WWE Universal replica belt. This belt will be heavily modified and upgraded to be as close to the real belts used on TV as possible!

This belt has been used as a display and example piece so it does feature some scratches and damage to the plates. These defects are reflected in the sale price and are all shown clearly in the photos and explained in the description. 

Standard WWE Universal replicas weigh only 2.6kgs, this upgraded replica weight over 4.4kgs!

The simulated leather strap on this belt has been removed and replaced with a hand tooled real leather strap which has all the screws on the rear of the belt covered with smooth black leather.

The plastic stones that came on this belt as standard were all removed and replaced with real Cubic Zirconia stones just like the belts on TV have.

The 4mm replica side bars have been replaced with our 12mm real side bars. The replica gold tip has been replaced with a real one piece gold tip. Side plates on this belt have been modified to unscrew from the front just like the real belts do. As standard the WWE replica belts unscrew from the back of the belt.

The plates on this belt have also had the addition of a base plate added to each of them. This not only increases the thickness and weight of the plates but makes the layered appearance of the plates resemble the real belt on TV far more closely. Immitation bolts have been added to the rear of the belt which resemble the layout of the real belt.

The plates on this belt are in pre owned condition.

As mentioned already this Upgraded Universal Belt has been used as our example piece to show the full belt upgrades so the belt has been handled fairly heavily. The plates themselves feature minor scuffs over the majority of the plates which is fairly common for any replica being handled.

The centre plate itself has a bit of plating damage in the bottom right corner of the plate as shown in photos. The side plates have some scratching and light dotted blemish marks. The circular side discs are almost brand new and just have very minor marks. Both side bars have minor scratches. The gold tip does have more scratches than the rest of the plates but this is expected as the tip makes contact with surfaces when the belt is laid flat which does cause it to scratch over time.

The leather strap is generally very good condition and only has very minor “cracking” which cannot be prevented on bright coloured leather straps. Lastly the centre plate baseplate has a very minor dent in the very top left of the plate. This dent was as a result of the baseplate itself being dropped prior to it being added to this belt.

This is the most TV accurate replica we have modified to date.

This belt is READY TO SHIP immediately