READY TO SHIP: WWE United Kingdom Full TV Accurate Upgraded Replica Belt Releathered, Restone, 24k Gold Bars


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This is a brand new WWE United Kingdom Replica Belt. This belt has been heavily modified and upgraded to be as close to the real belt used on TV as possible!

The simulated leather strap on this belt has been removed and replaced with a brand new fully hand tooled real leather strap which has all the screws on the rear of the belt covered with smooth black leather.

The plastic stones that came on this belt as standard were all removed and replaced with real Cubic Zirconia stones just like the belts on TV have.

The 4mm replica side bars have been replaced with our 12mm real 24k gold plated side bars.

The side plates on this belt have been modified to unscrew from the front just like the real belts do. As standard the WWE replica belts unscrew from the back of the belt.

This belt is ready to ship immediately