READY TO SHIP: UFC Replica Belt Releathered & Restoned Rare Blue Stones

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This is a 2012 Releathered and Restoned UFC V2 Replica Belt.

This belt features thick casted plates which are very detailed.

The simulated leather strap from this belt has been replaced with a real leather hand tooled strap made to the exact specifications of the real belts used on PPV! The logo plate to the right hand side features detailed border tooling. The leather strap has soft leather backing on the rear covering all the screws.

The plastic simulated stones on this belt have been removed and replaced with real CUBIC ZIRCONIA just like the real belt had! The larger stones have been changed to blue to match the original rarely seen colour scheme used on this belt!

The plates on this belt have some very minor scratches which is expected given their age. Nothing too noticeable though.

This belt is ready to ship immediately.