WWE Heavyweight Releathered Adult Sized Replica Belt




This is a brand new Releathered Adult Sized WWE Heavyweight Belt.

The simulated leather strap on this belt will be removed and replaced with a brand new fully hand tooled real leather strap in a colour of your choice which will have all the screws on the rear of the belt covered with backing of your choice.

The removable circular side plates on this belt will be modified allowing them to be screwed into place from the front just like the real belt on TV has, as standard the replicas screw in from the back of the belt. By having them screwing in from the front this allows the backing to cover all the screws.

The plates and leather on this belt are both brand new.

This is made to order and has a turnaround time of roughly 6 – 8 weeks without CZ stones and 10-12 weeks turnaround time if CZ stones are chosen. 

This belt is available for full stone replacment. This is the process in which all the simulated plastic stones are removed and replaced with real Cubic Zirconia Stones just like the belt on TV has!  

Add a set of Real TV Accurate 24k Belt bars to your order!