WWE Intercontinental Oval Adult Sized Releathered Replica Belt




This is a brand new 2019 WWE shop replica belt.

The simulated leather strap on this belt has been removed and replaced with a brand new fully hand tooled real leather strap and hand tooled to the exact specification as the belt on TV. They are finished in a colour and backing of your choice. This particular belt had two popular leather styles used on TV. The first was used for 2002-2009, the second from 2009-2011 when the belt was retired. The differences are shown below.

This style strap has a tighter leather cut and a more simplistic Jmar style tooling on the leather.


This style strap has a wider leather cut and a more detailed design tooled into the leather following the Midwest style tooling.

The plastic stones that came on this belt as standard were all removed and replaced with real Cubic Zirconia stones just like the belts on TV have.

The plates and the leather on this belt are brand new.

This belt has an 8 – 12 week turn around time.