Custom Belts Pricing

The belts we make are fully ring and TV usable with 4mm thick plates, hand tooled leather, and real Cubic Zirconia stones.

They feature acid etched 4mm thick zinc plates which are then plated in Gold, Nickel, or a combination of the two. The plates are then mounted on high quality hand tooled real leather straps. We can add paint and Cubic Zirconia stones to bring the design on the plates to life.

The pricing below is based on the belts centreplate being approx 10”x 10” and side plates being approx. 4” x 4”.

Larger plates are available but will cost more. Please contact us for pricing.

No WWE, WWF, UFC or other copyrighted logos can be used without prior permission

Nickel 3 Plates
1 Centre Plate, 2 Side Plates
950 1130 1270
Nickel 5 Plates
1 Centre Plate, 4 Side Plates
1160 1380 1550
Gold 3 Plates
1 Centre Plate, 2 Side Plates
980 1170 1300
Gold 5 Plates
1 Centre Plate, 4 Side Plates
1200 1430 1610
Dual Plated 3 Plates
1 Centre Plate, 2 Side Plates
1050 1250 1410
Dual Plated 5 Plates
1 Centre Plate, 4 Side Plates
1250 1490 1680
Additional Logo Plates
Extra Plate added to the right of the belt
80 95 110
Tip with Plate
Additional Stacked Pieces added to belt tip
180 215 240

An example of a Nickel 3 Plate Belt, and a Gold 3 Plate belt

Dual Plating

Dual Plating is the process of brush plating both Gold & Nickel plating onto the same belt. This results in a fantastic two tone look and allows certain details to really become highlighted and stand out.

An example of a Dual Plated Belt, the Plates feature both Gold & Nickel plating.

Logo Plates

These additional plates normally sit on the right hand side of a belt near the fastening snaps. Traditionally these are smaller extra plates which feature a company logo or small design. These were popular on the traditional WWE & WWF belts.

A Logo plate featuring the Celtic club crest as well as a wreath design

Tip Plates

Tip plates are a small feature that can really make the belts stand out to an even greater level. These small plates much like logo plates are a great place to feature a company name or logo design. These plates look great when the belt is fully fastened and are on show.

A tip plate featuring the Discovery Wrestling company logo

Stacked Belts

We also offer Stacked plates to custom belts. This is when additional plates are added on top of others to give belts a more 3D look. Stacked plate pricing begins at an additional £100/ €120/ $140 but costs vary depending on the sizing of the stacked plates, please contact us for more accurate pricing quotes.

Here you can see the 3 layers of stacked plates giving the belt a fantastic detailed look

Cubic Zirconia Stones

One of the best ways to make a belt stand out is to add stones to the plates. We prefer to use Cubic Zirconia on our custom belts due to their excellent sparkle and high quality appearance.

Most belts we design will have a few stones included in their price but any excessive use of stones (16+) will incur additional costs. These will require custom quotes.

Here you can see the detail of the Cubic Zirconia Stones

Leather Strap

There are many options when it comes to the leather on the belts we make. From the colour of the leather, to the backing. Below is a basic pricing rundown of the leather options we offer. Black straps with black leather back are standard and included in all belt pricing. Custom tooling and leather engraving is also available, please contact us for more details.

£ GBP  € EUR $ USD
Coloured Leather Strap +20 +30 +40
Coloured Leather Backing +40 +60 +80
Suede Backing +30 +45 +60
Crocodile Print Backing +40 +60 +80
Snake Print Backing +40 +60 +80

Here are some examples of the coloured leather straps we offer

We also offer many different backing options including Snake and Crocodile print

Shipping Policy

We use DPD as our preferred shipping method. This is a fully tracked and insured service, priced below. We can use different couriers if requested but these may incur additional costs.

UK Shipping – Included in purchase price
Europe – €50
Rest of the World – $80

Turnaround Time

Custom Belts take approximately 10-14 weeks to complete. Belts which feature more elaborate details or leather colours/designs may take longer. A more exact timeframe will be given at time of order

Payment Options

Bank Transfer
Transfer money directly to PMB. Contact us for Bank Transfer Info. This method of payment is only available for mainland UK customers.

PayPal payments are accepted from all customers worldwide. UK customers are required to make payments using £ GBP. European customers are required to make payments using € EUR. While customers outside of Europe in the Rest of the World are required to make payments using $ USD.

There is an additional 3% fee to all payments made through PayPal, this is to cover the PayPal transaction fees. 

Purchase Agreement

Please read all information below before any purchase for Paul Martin Belts. Ordering from us means that you have read, understand and agree to all policies.


We require a deposit of 50% to begin production of artwork.  This payment is Non-refundable.

Once artwork is approved by the customer, the belt will begin production. This normally takes 10-14 weeks.

The production of the plates takes up the most time, sometimes up to 8 weeks. During this time there are very few updates to give so please be patient.

When the belt is completed detailed photos will be emailed to the customer, at this point the remaining 50% payment will be required by the same method as the deposit.

The final 50% balance will be required within 30 days of belt being completed. Failure to do so may result in you forfeiting all previous payment and the order.

International Shipping

Customers are responsible for any import duties or taxes. PMB cannot send any items as “gifts” or claim a lower value when shipping. This policy is non-negotiable.

If you have any queries please contact us via the form below

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