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Below are some testimonials from a couple of well known faces as well as some of our customers.

Paul produces some of the finest quality leather work out there. The leather he uses is the same quality as the leather that is used for the belts on TV. His tooling is superb, very crisp and very detailed. On top of that he offers a wide variety of tooling styles from traditional “Midwest style” that was used on belts in the 90’s to the more modern “J-mar style”, to a hybrid of the two, or even a custom style if requested. The quality of the belt/plates he produces is outstanding, deeply etched and well plated. Easily the best in the UK and amongst the best worldwide.
– Shane McCann, customer.

Having known Paul personally for the better part of 6 years I’ve had the privilege of seeing his work develop and evolve as the years have passed by. Never in my life have I seen an artist progress so quickly and in such fine form than in Paul’s art, and that’s exactly what it is; art. As it stands, and I don’t see Paul and his work ever being knocked from the podium he’s built himself, Paul’s work is the best investment in professional championship belts that you can make, speaking from experience in commissioning him in the past for my personal collection. Having a piece of Paul’s work is a must for any collector, and I strongly believe there’s no place better.
– Ben Brown, customer.

I have worked with Paul numerous times and I have always found him a pleasure to deal with. His work is without a doubt one of the best in the world. I am very “OCD” about my belts and Paul’s work is so detailed I never have to worry about flaws or imperfections.
I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as it relates to his craftsmanship and talent.
I truly believe the future of belt making is Paul Martin Belts.
– Andy Hastings, customer.

If you are looking for a TV accurate or even a custom hand tooled strap then your first port of call must be Paul Martin. I have had a number of belts releathered by Paul , and the craftsmanship is unbelievable. The quality of the leather that Paul works with is top stuff and as soon as the strap is out of the box it’s so soft and floppy. Paul will also guide you in the right direction if what you ask for is not quite right for the strap, or any other work that he is doing for you. (Thanks for the info on the Edge spinner belt Paul) He is very professional and really nice bloke and best of all you know your belt is in safe hands.
– Mick Hunter, customer.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • Joel Ruiz

    In 2001 i bought this belt, i was fresh out of high school and it took me a while to save the money to get it, but it is my all time favorite belt and today i got this the mail, a real leather strap from Paul Martin and all i can say is i am beyond happy, i have wanted to get this belt a real leather strap since back then but the wait was worth the wait, and paul and his staff are amazing quick response to all my questions and the belt did not take long to arrive, cant wait to get more belts done by him.

  • kelvinholmesjr

    I ordered a Bluniversal send out strap on the 13th of January 2024 and I just received it today on Royal Rumble day(27th)! When the tell you that the communication from these guy are S-tier I mean it. This was my first time ordering after following his work for 2 years. The strap is amazing and very high quality. Paul Martin Belts has definitely gained a customer out of me and I’ll definitely be ordering more from here. Thank you guys for all you do!

    -Kelvin (*AND NEW Customer)

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