Thursday, May 23, 2024

Restone Pricing

Restoning is the process of removing the acrylic simulated stones that come on a replica belt from factory, modifying all the stone holders by hand, and then hand setting Cubic Zirconia stones in place just like the belts on TV!

Cubic Zirconia stones sparkle far more than the dull acrylic stones replica belts come with from factory, and give your belt that truly authentic TV appearance!

Below is the base price list for restoning replica belts.

These prices are for stone replacements using Cubic Zirconia stones.

Swarovski stones are available but may cost more and aren’t considered TV accurate.

If you require Swarovski stones please mention this when contacting us and we’ll price them up for you.

Please note, we do not offer restoning as a standalone service, they are only available when purchased alongside a full releather. This is non-negotiable.

Please email [email protected] to arrange a restone and releather for your replica belt.

To replace the stones on your replica belt and have the plates releathered, your plates and screws will need to be sent to us at our workshop in Scotland. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.

The following prices are for the restone work only and do not include the cost of the releather.

Belt £ GBP € EUR $ USD
Uni 350 375 425
Heavyweight 350 375 425
Scratch Logo Heavyweight 495 570 585
United Kingdom 150 160 180
Cruiserweight 60 70 80
Raw/SDWomens 300 330 375
Spinner 450 500 550
Rated R Spinner 420 460 510
US Spinner 350 375 425
Million Dollar 350 375 425
Undisputed 30 35 40
Big Gold World Heavyweight 30 35 40
Attitude Heavyweight Big Eagle 30 35 40
TNA Heavyweight Wildcat 60 70 80